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February 2012

Hair Extension Prices

My Prices Beaded Sew In Wefts:
Full head is considered 3 tracks. If you have really thick hair I recommend getting an extra track to blend in.

18 Inches Long                        20 Inches Long                    22 Inches Long                   
Temporary Quality Hair;          Temporary Quality Hair;     Temporary Quality Hair
$195.00                                         $245.00                                   $295.00
Medium Quality Hair;               Medium Quality Hair;          Medium Quality Hair;
$380.00                                         $430.00                                    $480.00
High Quality Hair;                      High Quality Hair;                High Quality Hair;
$630.00                                         $680.00                                    $730.00
Highest Quality Hair;                Highest Quality Hair;            Highest Quality Hair;
$830.00                                          $880.00                                   $930.00

24 Inches Long
Temporary Quality Hair;  $345.00
Medium Quality Hair;     $530.00
High Quality Hair;             $780.00
Highest Quality Hair;        $980.00

I require a non-refundable half price down payment on most hair extension bookings. 
All prices include; hair, instillation of the hair, a free haircut for blending and styling.
Extension Removal $60.00 an hour.
See me for pricing on Individual Keratin I-Tip Extensions.

Choosing Hair Extension Length

Hair Lengths
  2-10 Inchesis the length I like to use for adding some length and thickness to the front part of the sides of the head to make "The Bob Haircut" appear to be more of an angle. Generally a 20-pk. if  I-Tips is sufficient for this type of service. General cost can be as low as $85!!!
  18 Inchesis the average length for hair extensions. It falls a little below the bra strap, and can be cut to blend in with shoulder length hair, this would be the length I recommend.
   20 Inches will fall at the waist area. This length can be used for people with hair anywhere below shoulder length. If your hair is shoulder length or above, 20 inches wouldn't be a good fit because of the excessive cutting that would need to be done. Also, it could very well look unnatural after the blending process. If your hair is past your shoulders, you may like to try 20 inches for extra length.
   22 Inches is for people who already have generally long hair but want it longer. It will fall just above your belly button area. If your hair hits your bra strap or below, you qualify for 22 inch hair.
  24 Inches This is very long and meant for people with long hair who just can't get it long enough. 24 inches will fall just above your belt loops.

Choosing Hair Quality For Your Extensions

All the hair I use is 100%  human hair. The difference is how they are prepared and where they come from. You can wet, wash, cut, flat iron, curl, blow dry, and do pretty much everything else with all of the hair. One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming that extension hair is going to feel exactly like their own hair. The best way to achieve this is to buy the highest quality hair. All other types will require maintenance with high end products.
   Temporary Quality Hair I can not guarantee that this hair will last more than a month.Heat- protecting gloss, quality leave-in conditioners, Morrocan Argan oil, good shampoo and conditioner are a must with this type of hair. Even then, it is difficult over time to keep this hair looking soft and smooth. I also recommend this type to people who are getting extensions for the first time. This allows you to pay a generally cheap price to see if you even like having the feeling of having extensions. Then once your okay with how they feel, you can move up to the more higher quality hair. To be quite honest, I don't recommend even bothering with this hair, but I offer it because I think everyone should have the option of having affordable extensions. For example, if you want long hair for a Vegas weekend, this type of hair would be sufficient.

   Medium Quality Hair This type of hair still allows you to pay a pretty affordable price without as much tangling as the temporary quality hair. It is a little easier  to manage, but not by much. This hair still require lots of maintenance. 

   High Quality Hair This hair will save you time. It is much more soft and manageable. It will last much longer. This is good for people who don't want to have to style it. If your on the go alot, and don't want to worry about your hair as much, definitely go with the high quality hair. It can look beautiful and look soft for at least a year.

   Highest Quality Hair Also known as 100% Virgin Indian Remy hair. If you are looking for extremely gorgeous hair that is always soft and beautiful, this is what you want to get. You will love the body and natural movement.  This is the closest you are going to get to having hair that look\ and feel like your own. This hair is worth the investment, since it can be used over and over, and can be color treated if you were to choose to change your hair color.

Caring For Your Hair

So, I wanted to take a little time to talk about some things that I truly believe will make your life easier, when it comes to your hair. Heat protecting gloss and leave-in conditioners are highly recommended when using heat styling. Store-bought brands are a NO NO!!  I only really recommend using products which we have at the salon because from experience they are the best brands that I have used. Pureology and Aveda are also very good brands. When buying you should always check ingredients. NEVER use products with alcohol or sulfate. Those ingredients dry out the hair immensley. Store bought brands are PACKED with chemicals and can sometimes damage the hair instead of making it better. Metal flat irons and curling irons are a BIG no no also. I recommend getting ceramic tools. My favorite heat styling product is 12 benefits. ($26 after tax).  I will add more to this post later... I want to talk about more of my favorite products...etc..

8-12 weeks Of Smooth Hair

New Treatment!!!! Holy Smoke Gals!!
Wow, after this treatment you will see an improvement of all that curly, frizzy, wild hair. You will see flowing movement of every strand of hair. This new treatment is called " PRAVANNA Perfection". It is Damage Free.! Please call me or book a consultation to find out how you can have SMOOTHER HAIR FOR  8-12 weeks!
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